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Reasons to Come Out

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1 It’s free and fun.

2 Cold water plunges are exhilarating and good for skin, circulation, and general health.

3 It’s not that cold(about 68 degrees – maybe warmer).

4 9 am is late enough to wake up and get there.

5 When is the last time you went swimming?

6 This is an event for true locals – if you don’t holiday in New Orleans, you’re probably not from here.

7 Might be some beer there.

8 This is a whimsical event for people of all ages who like to have fun.

9 Spectators are welcome. Swimming is not mandatory.

10 What else are you going to do?


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Lake Pontchartrain

Blue Crab restaurant at West End.

7900 Lakeshore Dr, New Orleans, LA 70124


Every New Years Day.

Every year.

Text if you’re in! 504.616.7625